Investment Philosophy
Samssara believes in the fact that by following a systematic and disciplined approach, we are better positioned to generate consistent returns with a low & defined risk and volatility. The strategies we deploy have been thoroughly back-tested and have a proven live track record. The team at Samssara works extensively on mathematical, statistical and computational tools to build trading and investment strategies suitable for a global client base. The trading strategies devised by Samssara are completely automated and run with no manual intervention.

Samssara believe in the philosophy of making money only when investors make their returns (“We don’t get paid until the Investor generates returns”). We aspire to provide low cost solutions to our clients which make sure that our interests are aligned with more the client’s.

Samssara follows a stringent risk management policy for all the trading as well as investment strategies developed. Our trading strategies follows strict stop loss policies that gets triggered if the trade goes against our favour. At the same time the strategy developed by Samssara is deployed across multiple asset classes like commodity, currency, equity, debt etc to provide investors with diversification advantage and at the same time ensuring that products are not over-optimized on a given asset class.

All strategies developed by Samssara uses various flexible parameters and factors, so that the inherent alpha-decay in the quant strategies are taken care of and the models are able to perform consistently over a very long period of time without corrosion in the performance.

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